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The Monopoly video game is a classic board game converted into a video game. The game has the same goal as the board game, which is to buy properties that are then rented to generate income. The game also have the same objective of bankrupting all of the opponents.


The graphics are not the best out there, but not the worst either. The game is not too bright, but it is not too dark either. It has bright colors, but not too bright colors.


The gameplay is simple yet difficult at the same time. You are given a choice of eight characters to play as. The goal of the game is to buy properties and then rent them to generate income. The player can also buy houses to increase the rental income. After a certain number of turns, the player that has the most money wins.


The game can be played single player or multiplayer. The multiplayer is quite different from the single player. When playing with someone else, the players can trade properties and houses. The multiplayer is very competitive and it is very hard to "play fair".


There is not much replayability with this game. The game can be played again and again, but the graphics and gameplay will not change. The multiplayer can be played again and again, but there is no point to do so.


The Monopoly video game is a good game, but it is not the best. It is a classic board game converted into a video game, but it does not do justice to the board game. If you like Monopoly, then this is the perfect video game for you.


  • Takes little effort to learn
  • A lot of strategy involved
  • You can play with friends on the same computer
  • Choice of playing on a classic board or playing online
  • There are a variety of places to buy properties, some are very hard to get
  • You can play a couple or a few games in a row


  • Only one board to play on
  • Only one chance to play online
  • You have to get a computer or a tablet to play online


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