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Geometry Dash

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Geometry Dash is a free-to-play two-dimensional endless running game. The objective of the game is to guide an avatar to avoid obstacles by jumping, ducking, and sliding. The game features more than one hundred levels, each with its own difficulty. Its gameplay is similar to other popular games of its kind, such as Super Meat Boy, Closure, or N+


Geometry Dash has a cartoonish vibe to it. Its graphics are very colorful and pleasing to the eye. The game is not too hard on the eyes, making it easy to focus on the game.

The game is set in an abstract world with geometric graphics. The game has the basic geometry shapes like squares, triangles, circles, and rectangles. The game developers made the game look like an old PS1 game, which made the game visualize a lot better.


The objective of Geometry Dash is to guide an avatar to collect coins and avoid obstacles. The game features more than one hundred levels, each with its own difficulty. The game features three different game modes: normal, expert, and custom. The game's difficulty increases as one progresses through the game.


The game features multiplayer mode, in which players can compete with each other in a split-screen mode. To play in a multiplayer mode, each player has to have a Google account and a Geometry Dash account. The player can also play the multiplayer mode in a local mode.


The game is very replayable. It has more than one hundred levels, each with its own difficulty, and it has an infinite mode. The game also has a level editor, which allows players to create their own levels.

In the Geometry Dash, there are 300 levels that the player can play in a free version. In the full version, there are 400 levels. The player can also buy the level packs from the Geometry Dash website.


Geometry Dash is an excellent game. It is very easy on the eyes, has more than one hundred levels, features three game modes, and even has a level editor. It is very replayable.


  • The ability to create and share your own levels
  • The music in the game is pretty cool and can get you in the mood
  • Some levels require you to think outside of the box
  • Easy controls


  • Laggy can cause some issues
  • Jumping can be hard


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Geometry Dash
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