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Among Us

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Among Us is an asymmetric horror game that takes place in the aftermath of a global pandemic. The game features two asymmetric forces: the Survivors and the Infected. The Survivors are an international team that is trying to find a cure for the virus and the Infected are those that have been infected and now crave human flesh.


The graphics are quite good in Among Us. The game does have a great deal of detail that can be seen throughout the game, but it does have a more of the natural look of the game. The textures are sharp and the colors are nice.


The gameplay is actually an interesting one. The Survivors are not allowed to kill the Infected, but they are able to subdue them. The Infected are trying to kill the Survivors. It's a very interesting take on the game.

The game at first does not seem that difficult, but it becomes gradually more difficult to survive in the game.


The multiplayer is an awesome one for this game. There are actually three different types of multiplayer modes that can be played with the game. The first is all of the Survivors teaming up against the Infected. The second is the Infected teaming up against the Survivors. The third is the Infected teaming up against the Survivors teaming up against the Infected. The multiplayer is an awesome one.


One of the great things about Among Us is the replayability. The game was designed to be played multiple times, which means that there is a lot of replayability. The game is actually indefinitely replayable.


Among Us is a horror-themed survival game that is set in a world inhabited by both humans and monsters, where the player must fight to survive as the monsters try to kill them. It is a first-person game with an emphasis on exploration.


  • Simple and fun gameplay that is easy to pick up and play
  • Characters and story are both very well done for a game of this type
  • Switching between characters is very fluid and natural
  • Voice acting is top notch


  • Can be played in short bursts only, progress is not saved between sessions
  • Lack of multiplayer No way to transport characters between missions


Among Us Among Us Among Us Among Us
Among Us
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